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  • 02:52 Olivia O'Brien - hate u love u (Lyric Video)

    Olivia O'Brien - hate u love u (Lyric Video)

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    American singer and songwriter olivia o’brien continues promotion of her upcoming debut album, due out sometime next year via Island Records. The next promotional single is “hate u love u“, a solo rendition of smash hit “i hate u,

  • 03:18 Alyssa Reid - Badlands ft. Likewise

    Alyssa Reid - Badlands ft. Likewise

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    Canadian pop singer-songwriter Alyssa Reid is finally back with some new music after the promotion of her summer bop “Rollercoaster“. The 23-year-old artist has delivered her next official single called “Badlands“, which serves as

  • 03:01 Aneta Sablik - Ulalala

    Aneta Sablik - Ulalala

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    Aneta Sablik is Polish singer-songwriter. In 2013 she took part in Deutschland sucht den Superstar(local version of Idol) talent show and finished as a winner. Her debut single “The One”along with heralbum with the same title achieved some suc

  • 04:03 2NE1 - GOODBYE

    2NE1 - GOODBYE

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    Bad news K-Pop fans! The girls of South Korean group 2NE1has officially announced their disbandment and the world is crying profusely!. Official Statament below: As of May 2016, 2NE1’s exclusive contract with YG was over and as Minzy was no longer a

  • 03:31 Darline - Fall Deep

    Darline - Fall Deep

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    Darline is an Britishemerging duo formed by Abby Inez and Cára Beard, who has impacted the music scene with their proper debut single called “Fall Deep” and it’s absolutely amazing. The song is a dynamic dance pop piece which was

  • 03:22 Elsa & Emilie - Chains of Promises

    Elsa & Emilie - Chains of Promises

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    Norwegian emerging pop duo Elsa & Emilie has finally returned to the music scene with their second major official single called “Chains of Promises“, which serves as follow-up to last year’s debut “Au volant”. The folk-fl

  • 03:23 K BLEAX - BITCHUNT


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    After getting a proper introduction with her debut single “So Spiritual” back in 2015, London-based newcomer Polish singer-songwriter K BLEAX is finally back with another track and this time is absolutely HOT. The song is called “BITCHUN

  • 03:39 LANY - ILYSB


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    Los Angeles-based trio LANY, consisting of Paul Jason Klein, Les Priest and Jake Goss, has returned with some new music after the promotion of last year’s EP “kinda“. The new tune is called “ILYSB” (I Love You So Bad), and it

  • 03:38 Little Mix - Touch

    Little Mix - Touch

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    The girls of Little Mix continues with the promotion of their fourth studio album “Glory Days“, which was released on November 18th asfollow-up to their successful album and tour “Get Weird“. After the global impact achieved with s

  • 04:01 Taboo - The Fight

    Taboo - The Fight

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    Mexican-American recording artist and rapper Jaime Luiz Gomez, best known as The Black Eyed Peas member Taboo, continues sharing some new solo music ahead the comeback of the band expected for this year. “The Fight” is his brand new single and

  • 04:22 Troye Sivan - HEAVEN ft. Betty Who

    Troye Sivan - HEAVEN ft. Betty Who

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    Australian global star Troye Sivan continues with the promotion of his acclaimed debut full length studio album “Blue Neighbourhood“, launched on December 4, 2015 via EMI and Capitol Records. The next and fifth overall single from the album is

  • 03:24 Coeur de pirate - Undone

    Coeur de pirate - Undone

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    Vidéoclip officiel de Undone , extrait de l’album Roses paru en 2015. Suivez Coeur de pirateSite web https://instagr

  • 04:20 Kevin Walker - Come Closer

    Kevin Walker - Come Closer

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    Swedish footballer, recording artist and Idol winner Kevin Walker has finally delivered the official music video of his acclaimed single “Come Closer“, which was launched back in July. Just a few weeks after debuting the video of his current s

  • 03:32 Chris Holsten - Here We Go Again

    Chris Holsten - Here We Go Again

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    Norwegian pop star in the making and promising singer-songwriter Chris Holsten is back with more new music a few months after releasing his latest song “Strip”. The next official single is called “Here We Go Again“, and continues h

  • 03:04 Andreea Balan - Sens unic

    Andreea Balan - Sens unic

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    Romanian pop star Andreea Balan has finally returned to the music’s spotlight with a brand new single “Sens unic” (English: One Way). This becomes Andreea’s first proper release since 2015’s “Throw Your Money“, an

  • 03:55 Wiktoria - Unthink You

    Wiktoria - Unthink You

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    Swedish singer-songwriter Wiktoria Johansson continues working in her long awaited full length debut studio album, which is expected to be released sometime this year via Moon Man Records and PRMD. Before starting her participation in this year’s Me

  • 03:09 Tayá - Deeper

    Tayá - Deeper

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    Deeper is the upcoming debut extended play by English emerging singer-songwriter Tayá. It’s scheduled to be released sometime this year via Atlantic Records and Warner Music Group. It comes preceded by the lead single and EP’s opening a

  • 03:35 Salt Ashes - Save It

    Salt Ashes - Save It

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    Veiga Sanchez aka Salt Ashes is finally back with a new single and of course it’s really good. The Brighton-based singer-songwriter doesn’t disappoint in her new song “Save It“. It’s a deliciously amazing garage house-infused

  • 03:42 BANKS - Trainwreck

    BANKS - Trainwreck

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    The Altar is the second studio album by American singer-songwriter Jillian Banks, commonly known as just BANKS. It was released on September 30thvia Harvest Records. This new music project comes preceded by the first buzz single “Better”, whic

  • 04:33 Aquilo - Silhouette (Silhouettes Trilogy : Part II)

    Aquilo - Silhouette (Silhouettes Trilogy : Part II)

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    Just after the promotion of “Good Girl”, English musical duo Aquilo, formed by Tom Higham and Ben Fletcher, has delivered a new fantastic song called “Silhouette“. The exquisite new track was written and produced by themselves and

  • 03:43 Soleima - Cracks

    Soleima - Cracks

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    Danish emerging singer-songwriter Soleima has finally returned to the music’s spotlight with a brand new single called “Cracks“, which arrives serval months after her latest single “Wasted”, launched back in June. The new sin

  • 03:21 iamBADDLUCK - Oath (Free Download)

    iamBADDLUCK - Oath (Free Download)

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    Free Download iamBADDLUCK is an American emerging singer-songwriter from Boston and currently based in Los Angeles, who has delivered her proper major debut single “Oath” with some support of Red Bull Records and Cherrytree Music Company. She

  • 03:37 Sophie Ellis-Bextor - Wild Forever

    Sophie Ellis-Bextor - Wild Forever

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    Filmed in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Familia is the sixth studio album by English singer-songwriter and model Sophie Ellis-Bextor. It was released on September 2ndvia her own imprinit EBGB’s. Follow Sophie:Twitter:

  • 03:18 Seohyun - Don’t Say No

    Seohyun - Don’t Say No

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    South Korean singer and actress and former member of Girls’ Generation Seohyun is ready to impact the music scene with her proper debut solo single. The song called “Don’t Say No“, it’s expected to be released in the coming d