The Bottle - Trent Tomlinson

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The Bottle Lyrics

I just cracked the top on some Jim Beam I just bought
Took a big ol' swig an' I just set her down
It's a foolish thing to think, that you could kill the hurt with drink
But it's the only thing that I can think of now
Got her down to the top of the sticker
I wish this stuff would kick in a little quickerI can still see us on that tiltawhirl, spinnin'
Cotton-candy and then when she had mustard on her chin
From that corn-dog that slipped right off of the stick
And that top of the Ferriss wheel kiss
I ain't forgot about that yet
But I still have some whiskey leftSure thought I'd be able, once I reached the middle of the label
That some of those memories would somehow wash away
Now I'm pushin' toward the bottom, an' thoughts of her, yeah, I still got 'em
Those shots, I've shot 'em, but they ain't killed yesterday
Just a little below the sticker
Yeah, I must've got a bad batch of liquorI can still see her standin' there on that sidewalk
Yellin' out for the taxi that would take her away
From the arms of the one that still loves her
With all of his heart.
I ain't forgot about that yet,
But I still have some whiskey left

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Trent Tomlinson is an American country music singer-songwriter. He is famed for his writing songs that reflect his psyche, and deal with topics like drinking, camaraderie, broken dreams and failed relationships. Tomlinson began his musical journey in Kennett, Missouri, which is also the home town of Sheryl Crow. His 6'8" father is a former basketball star who set scoring records at the University of Missouri and was drafted by the Cleveland Cavaliers before knee surgery knocked him out. He was also the basketball coach and biology teacher at Kennett High School, and a tough taskmaster who groomed Trent for basketball superstardom, but along the way, Tomlinson realized that basketball wasn't for him and turned to music. In his junior year of high school, he reached the finals for TNN's "You Can Be a Star", but came in second. He tried college, but left for Nashville after six months.

After numorous deals cut short due to labels that went bankrupt or were being taken over, he finally landed a deal with Cal IV Entertainment. He also cut some sides for Lyric Street Records.

On July 24, 2006 Tomlinson performed his single "Drunker Than Me" on The Howard Stern Show as a duet with an intoxicated Andrea Brooke Ownbey (also known as "Miss Howard Stern"), who is a fan of the song. Today Trent is one of the biggest in Country Rock. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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