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Innovative rangoli designs using rangoli making techniques tips tricks with CD and buds

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A simple method to get a symmetrical special rangoli design with old CD for Diwali decoration ideas . A quick method to get an easy rangoli design that is perfectly symmetrical . Place the waste CDs as shown in the rangoli video above. Draw the outline with white rangoli. Fill the holes at the centre of the CDs will rangoli colours. Place dots inside of the CD arrangement. Remove the old Cds reused for this craft carefully. This is the only place we have to be careful in an otherwise simple and awesome method to ensure that the patterns drawn are not disturbed. After removing the Cds use imagination to fill colours and draw patterns with cotton buds and finger techniques. This method can be used for learning to draw a rangoli or for school competitions. This novel idea can also be used for Christmas decorations ideas for our homes and also for New Year decoration. There is also a tradition of drawing four or five kolam for Pongal or Sankranti rangoli designs near the entrance or around the Pongal pot , this design using this different method if cerating kolam can be one of these kolam designs. Margazhi and Pongal rangoli were Dhanurmasam and Sankranti muggulu for my mother I She lived in Vizianagaram near Vishakapattinam. These festivals are similar to Diwali in many parts of India when rangoli is one of the most important decorations for the festival. Rangoli making with old Cds is a novel idea that I thought of. There were many requests by first time learners on easy methods to draw rangoli. So I tried to find some method of using objects in our homes that can be made to create rangoli. Two common things that are used in many households came to my mind. They are the ubiquitous compact disc and bangles. The permutations and combinations that can be achieved by these two objects to get various patterns is mind boggling. In this series of rangoli art designs this is one of the simplest and easiest . I think such craft ideas can also form part of school projects for craft , art for kids. Also while it is the usual practice to draw traditional and old rangoli designs with lines also called padi kolam for Tamil New Year , such totally new concepts can also be applied when we try something different Traditional rangoli is made with the use of three fingers , nowadays there is the concept of summer camp for kids where we have various types of arts and crafts activities. This idea can be part of the curriculum for summer camps activities for children . It should be suitable for both boys and girls given the nature of the method adopted. Such novel ideas can form part of our Varalakshmi Vratham Pooja or Navratri decorations too. Along with the old type rangoli designs we can have something modern and different too. Why don't you try for these festivals To sum it up homemade tools are available before our eyes , they are used by us daily or objects that are discarded as not usable. We can arrange them to form beautiful patterns that are symmetrical so making rangoli for the Deepavali season is just kids play.

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